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©2019 by THE SHEN FOUNDATION. All rights reserved. The Shen Foundation is a registered Scottish Charity No SC042991.


Over the years the foundation has created much local change as well as promote international discussions. For your interest some of this past history is listed below: 

  •  International Conferences (Organized)

2014: Health for Humanity Conference - Holistic Approaches to Pandemic Response   Aviemore, Scotland​

2010: Beyond 2012: A New Civilization   Nairn, Scotland​

2009: Immunity from Pandemics: Protecting Yourself and Your Community  Findhorn, Scotland​

2009: Wellbeing and Chinese Medicine Symposium    Beijing, China​

2009: Health, China and the World Seminar   Oxford University, England

  • International Conference (Supported and Involved)

2016: The Svalbard Gathering, Aurora Borealis Foundation    Longyearbyen, Svalbard

2014: The Third Hanwang Forum    Beijing, China

2013: Leadership with Dao   London, England

2012: Health, Wealth & Innovation Conference, CIFAL  Forres, Scotland

2012: The Inaugural Hanwang Forum      Beijing & Deyang, China

2011: Global Leadership Congress,  Rights and Humanity   Liverpool, England

2011: The Truth Matters Conference     Glasgow, Scotland