Over the years the foundation has created much local change as well as promote international discussions. For your interest some of this past history is listed below: 

  •  International Conferences (Organized)

2014: Health for Humanity Conference - Holistic Approaches to Pandemic Response   Aviemore, Scotland​

2010: Beyond 2012: A New Civilization   Nairn, Scotland​

2009: Immunity from Pandemics: Protecting Yourself and Your Community  Findhorn, Scotland​

2009: Wellbeing and Chinese Medicine Symposium    Beijing, China​

2009: Health, China and the World Seminar   Oxford University, England

  • International Conference (Supported and Involved)

2016: The Svalbard Gathering, Aurora Borealis Foundation    Longyearbyen, Svalbard

2014: The Third Hanwang Forum    Beijing, China

2013: Leadership with Dao   London, England

2012: Health, Wealth & Innovation Conference, CIFAL  Forres, Scotland

2012: The Inaugural Hanwang Forum      Beijing & Deyang, China

2011: Global Leadership Congress,  Rights and Humanity   Liverpool, England

2011: The Truth Matters Conference     Glasgow, Scotland

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