COVID19 : How to protect yourself and your community from Pandemics:

Updated: May 16

A successful practice that stopped the transmission and infection of coronavirus in China.


The great sages of Chinese Medicine stated one thing above all other, to become a good doctor you need to serve others with your entire being, forget about everything else and use your heart to find the solution.

Watching the pandemic sweep across Italy right now it is clear that the COVID-19 virus or coronavirus is much more serious than what society and governments expected it to be, when it happened in China.

Just like the ancient sages, there are selfless doctors, nurses and volunteers on the front line, risking their lives to take care and heal the sick. We should all feel inspired, that we get to witness such selfless acts at a time where society is self-centered and lacking open heart-based consciousness.

The media would like us to believe that there is no cure to this coronavirus, that there is no prevention other than isolation, that old people will die if they get infected and that there is little or nothing the individual can do to help themselves in this situation.