How can a strong businesswoman become a caring female protective businesswoman?

Updated: May 4

First, by taking care of yourself, love yourself and protect yourself. Making sure you are respected by your pears and earning a decent money that corresponds to your work equal to your pears.

By protecting yourself you will be able to protect the others.

Love yourself with your inperfections and fears. Love yourself with your doubts, be less rigid and perfect. Accept things as they come and embraced them with gratitude.

Be caring to yourself and accept your fears, with no fear. They will become less relevant and will lose their importance, you will calm down and soften up.

Superwoman does not exist.

Mothers exist with their kindness, their protection, their love, mothers exists with the willingness to carry the burden of the others and love unconditionally.

Get that side out of you and show it without fear and shame. Show that side of you without judgment and fear of being discredited.

Be present like a rock and shine your love and compassion. Show it all and don't hide it, express your love and caring,