How to react virtues when you feel agressed?

Every person has his dark part in him. It is to learn to accept the dark part of the other person and embrace the other's imperfection. 🤗

What to do when you feel hurt or angry about that behavior?

Reflect more deeply on what they are telling you and go deeper to see what the truth is about without ego and in humbleness.

Don't judge the other person and embrace her like a child, who needs to learn, if they lack sincerity or act on your back.

Treat the non virtuous person virtue, treat a untrustful person as you could trust him.

Accept the other as he is and embrace his imperfection. This attitude will give more stability and peace in your life. By accepting the other with his imperfection, you can work on your own imperfection.

Take the other person as your mirror to teach you. Enjoy.

Picture by Lyell Parry