What about free will, how can we structure and set our free will?

Free will is an immense luxury and an immense responsibility, only humans have the right of free will. The animal world does not know this, in such a way.

What does that mean?

Every action we individually decide to take has an immense responsibility. Every action has a consequence and we often do not realize about the complexity and do not realize how much good and how much bad we can create.

For this reason, it is very important that we decide with consciousness, virtue and calmness.

Decisions we made years ago can affect our lives way in the future.

Not having had the courage to reflect about our inner feeling of why we are here, our mission, our strength, our passion, not taking time to reflect on our values and the way we feel is it the right way to do, has consequences.

We are also a mass and heard species. We like to follow and be followed.

Do we reflect on who we want to follow and for which reason? Often our wish for wealth and comfort leads us to bad decisions, which we will realize years after.

If that is so, it is good, since we are also here to learn, however we can be fast learners or slow learners.