What is a New Human ?

How is a new human's behavior and actions?

Learn to change our DNA and reflect on the process that needs to be done to become a New Human. A New Human is about Love and Forgiveness. About how to look at your old patterns and habits to process a new type of reaction of your pattern and be attentive to the impact it can give. It is about self-reflection on how to improve your personal impact in your close surroundings and in society. The role you play in the Macro-cosmos by analyzing your behavior in the Micro-cosmos. It's about you wanting to contribute in person in the change of society with your personal impact. It's about your personal soul journey and the reason you came here to earth. Learn to challenge yourself to the better good of all and the planet. What defines a New Human? It's a person who questions on the impact we each have on our surrounding, earth, nature and close ones. It's a person who seeks for change in the way we treat nature, we treat ourselves, our family and our planet. A person crying for change and also feeling a longing of contributing himself to that change. A person with a big heart and unconditional love. A person longing for change in himself, for change in his family, work, society nature and planet. A person who feels his mission is to create a New Humanity. A person reaching out to the universe for help and guidance. Knowing that there is a higher way to ask for guidance for things happening in our life. A person in search of his mission in life for the good of himself and the planet. Our higher-self can accompany us in this journey and we can ask for answers and guidance. To achieve into this state of change we need to get closer to nature and start following nature from the beginning of our day. Wake up at sunrise to embrace the beginning of the day as nature does. Wake up and receive the new day and beginning of this day's energy with the rise of the sun. This is the start of becoming a New Human. To learn to receive the gift of a new day, with calmness and serenity by getting up between 5am and 7am - drinking hot water with lemon and honey, - time for a meditation, - wash your face with cold water to wake up your body and close the pores against illnesses, - light practice of exercise like Qi-Gong, Yoga, Stretching or walking. 7am - 9am eat a substantial cold and hot breakfast between that time start with a fruit and follow with a warm porridge, beans, dates, eggs start working at 9am. By respecting your body and starting your day with a regular pattern, which includes talking care of your mind and your body you bring stability into your daily life and harmony into your start of your day. Starting your day in this way you start becoming a new person, with tranquility and physical well being.