What is the reason I joined The Shen Foundation?

Updated: May 16

On the 23.2.2001 I arrived with two babies and two suitcases packend of summer clothes at the airport of Zurich to never go back to where my home was. I had lost everything I belonged to, including my love.

I built a new life, brought up my two daughters and created my company.

On 6.5.2014 I was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer 4th stage. Two years later, after receiving a strong 6 mths chemotherapy treatment, I was still not able to recuperate of my mental shock and my physical weakness. I could hardly walk 100 metres and it could not get lower in my life.

I had much time for reflection. Something had gone really wrong.

I realized, that I have been much in exess, overactive, on the permanent go to create wealth and live a successful life with excessive expectations.

There was no time to take a break, my state reflected the earth and I needed to change significantly my behavior to heal myself.

I had lost connection with nature and the spiritual world. All was in my mind and not in my heart.